Monday, 11 August 2008

When I close my eyes....

When I close my eyes I never know what images are going to come to me in my sleep. Last week I dreamt that I was in a large room that reminded me of a warehouse. There were many people seated at long cafeteria type tables, all oblivious to a woman seated at a table in a corner.

That woman was Jejune. She was surrounded by a pile of books and was there for a book signing. I'm sorry to say that she was not busy at all. In fact no one was coming to see her. As a friend, I went over to say hello and chat.

In her last blog post I have learnt that she has sent off a book proposal (and for this I wish her all the luck in the world). I have no idea what it's about, but in my dream she had written a book about socks. Not a design or pattern book, but a book about the subject of socks. At least I found the subject fascinating even if no one else in the dream did.

So Jejune, not that you need any inspiration for your mind is vastly creative, I thought I should post a pix of my latest pair of socks.

This is my first pair using Knit Picks Bare sock yarn that I dyed. I was going to give the socks to the teen (because of the colours) , but I like how they turned out.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Nancy said...

Oh, I cannot believe you dyed that yarn. Wow, I am impresses. Love the socks. Hummmm, quite a dream you had too.
Have a fun day, hopefully knitting.

Georgie said...

Oooh,'s hoping that your dream isnt completely prophetic!

Kathy said...

Very cool socks. And I wouldn't wory about the dream. I've had dreams for years that Husband bought us a new house and didn't bother asking for my input. It's usually a run down place that's still full of the last owner's stuff and needs a lot of work. So far it hasn't happened in real life.

Jejune said...

LOL - wow, I'm amazed I've featured in your dream! How cool :)

I can reveal that the book isn't anything to do with knitting, alas - it's all cryptic crossword / puzzle stuff. But a few days ago I did receive a request from a big publisher ASKING me to write a book for them, so things are certainly moving rapidly at the moment!!

Now I just need to make sure lots of people come to the book signings (if such things ever eventuate!).

Fantastic socks there - I'll keep looking at them to stay inspired :)

Jejune said...

And I'm glad you came over to see me, even when everyone was ignoring me :)

Jejune said...

Just for your eyes only, I got the book deal, confirmed yesterday! :D