Tuesday, 19 August 2008

How to get a birthday gift from the unimaginative

  1. Pick up a copy of you favorite magazine. In this case it is Interweave Knits.
  2. Open said magazine and walk by unsuspecting unimaginative person.
  3. Accidentally (on purpose as you must aim at this point) have subscription card fall on the lap of the unsuspecting unimaginative person.
ME: Oops, did I drop something?
UUP: (looks at card) Hmmm what a great birthday gift idea.

My birthday had come and gone so I figured that after three days, I must take matters into my own hands. DH may be slow but he is not so dense to ignore the warning signs. He came home last Monday to tell me that a subscription was a done deal. However, my work was not yet done.

ME: Well kids, I suppose I should get around to making myself a birthday cake.
Kids: Yeah!

Last night DH came home with this. (13 days AFTER my birthday)

It's a chocolate truffle cake with raspberry butter cream from the Ottawa Bagel Shop. In one word....HEAVENLY!

He did do a good job even if he did need MAJOR coaxing and subtle-as-a-train-wreck hints. Maybe next year this will all happen a little closer to the actual day.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Nancy said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh that cake looks so yummy and sounds like it is as good as it sounds. Great husband you have coming up with that.
Glad you got your subscription too.

Susan said...

That cake looks amazing! You'll have him trained in a few more years... decades... :)

Jejune said...

That was quite some delay! Glad they got there in the end, though (yum) ...