Tuesday, 22 January 2008

My First of the Year

Since I've decide to go on a yarn diet, fortune has turned against me slightly. I now have to go on a yarn diet as part of a savings plan. Fortunately, I have an amazing stash to get me through this rough spot.

So I don't concentrate on what I can't do, I'll concentrate on what I can do. I joined the Socks from Stash group on Ravelry. Each month I'll knit a pair (more importantly finish a pair) with stash yarn.

For your viewing pleasure, this month, we have a wool cotton blend from Regia. The were knit from the cuff down with a Peasant heel. I've never done this type of heel and didn't bother matching the heels either. If I had, it would have left me with short strands of the yarn, too short to even put in a crazy sock.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Susan said...

I think that was the right way to do the heel, considering the stripes of the yarn. Short rows would have messed up the stripes, but this way you have neat rings on your heels. (and who cares about matchy-matchy socks??!)
Nicely done!

Nancy said...

You must really like knitting socks. I have only made socks a couple of times. I make sweaters more than anything else. Good for you going on the diet when you have lots of stash. lol.

TinkingBell said...

Lovely socks - how gorgeous the colours look together!

bells said...

Oh they look yummy!

MadMad said...

Those look cute! I just finished sewing in the ends on my second set of crazy socks, btw, and also made a pair of mittens from some left over balls of 127 print, I think it was called, using your same technique. So thank you, for ideas on de-stashing all the stuff I can't bear to throw away!

Kathy said...

Very cool socks. I'm guessing a peasant heel is one you put on after the fact? And how jealous am I that your socks at least look a little like each other? Quite a bit actually.

Jejune said...

Lovely summery socks! I love Regia, I'm (slowly) knitting hubby socks with their Mosaik yarn.

I'm knitting from the stash too, from necessity. Not a whole lot of fun :p