Thursday, 6 May 2010

The continuing saga

I'm begining to think that I'm a very bad wait I probably am a very bad blogger. Oh well.....ignoring my blog....ignoring my kids.....just another of my own little quirks.

So where was I? Oh yes In Aukland, NZ and headed to Rotorua, NZ

This was my first experience with hostel living. I soon discovered that the rooms are small and it's like living in a co-ed dorm (which isn't all bad considering my run in with a guy in a towel)

Rotorua is home to a large aboriginal popula
tion called the Maori. As such there are many touristy things to do in the area based on their culture. New Zealand is even considered a bi cultural country. So without furthur ado here are a few pix I took while there.

I went to a Maori ceremony and feast cooked in the traditional way called a Hangi. What you see here is a Maori challenge of peace.

Got to go 65 metres below sea level while caving.

This is Nigel, he was my guide for my white water rafting adventure.

Visited a geothermal spa called Hell's Gates. Had the most wonderful mud haven't lived until you've had a mud bath.

And since you asked.....yes I did partake in the night life of Rotorua. Although soon after I took this the grumpy security guard told me to get down off the bench.

Now where is the knitting and the stash enhancement you is me it IS coming.

Until next time
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Kathy said...

Hmm, if the locals all look like Nigel, I'm definitely going to have to book a trip to NZ soon!

Nancy said...

What a wonderful trip you are showing us. I am happy for you.

TinkingBell said...

Ha - and I envy you the guide - kewt!

Nancy said...

You will have memories for a lifetime stored up. What a wonderful trip. I think I would pass on the mud bath. LOL. Glad you enjoyed it though. What a mean security person for making you get down. Oh well, you got your picture anyway.

Jejune said...

Lulu has arrived home safe and sound, thank you!!!