Friday, 1 January 2010

Celebrating the big 2-0-0

Here it is, the first day of 2010 and I have reached blog post 200. I can't believe that I've actually had 200 things to say....(you in the back...quit your snickering). I've shared bits and pieces of my life with you and still you keep coming back. I've let you in on my good days, my bad days and my embarrassing days. Hmmm maybe it's my posts about my public humiliation that keep you coming back. Or the returnees could be those looking for ways to hide various types of stash and hoping I have the answer. (Hint...that coke can on your bedside table isn't fooling anyone).

Here's to looking forward to spending time with all of you throughout the next 200 posts. As for the new year, there are those who would take the time today and reflect on last year as well as make their New Year's resolutions. I shall do neither. I am looking forward to the new year as I have planned many adventures for myself over the next 365 days.

The first is my trip. It will begin in New Zealand then on to Australia. Yes, I am just a touch crazy to be doing this but what a trip it will be. I'll get to visit friends and family, see new places, eat new foods, meet new people, take plenty of pictures and above all else, have the time of my life.

I have consulted travel books and websites for things to see and do. I have contacted friends to arrange times to visit. I have booked flights to bring me to and from this adventure. I have checked out multiple sites of places to stay and how to get around while I'm there. Now all I have to do is make some firm decisions and wait for my holiday to begin.

In case you don't recognize me, I'll be the giddy one bouncing off the walls.

Whatever your plans are for this year, be good to each other and to yourself. Dance like no one is watching, Love like you never have before and Knit like there is no tomorrow.

Until next time,
Yours in Yarn,
The Fibreholic


Yarndude said...

Ooh, have a fantastic trip!

Nancy said...

Your trip sounds wonderful. I know you have to be very excited. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Kathy said...

I wanna goooooooooooo!